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Other ideas I support are:

1 – Total revamp of the bounty hunter profession. A good start would be the selling or exchange of kill rights. The placement of a bounty on someone should mean more than giving him money to share with a friend.

2 – The support for dual screens. I /signed a thread about support for it in 2006! What we need is the actual interface in a monitor, and a non 3d accelerated screen on a second monitor, with chats, fleet window, items windows, etc. Nowadays a lot of people have 2 monitors, and it would help with the clutter that we have to live today with all of that different windows opened.

3 – The creation of a CCP taskforce specifically to fight lag. We should have a team doing nothing more than finding ways to reduce lag, implementing them when possible, or discussing them with the CSM when they involve change in the current mechanisms of EVE.

4 – A rethinking of the opportunities to be had in low sec. Today low sec doesn’t  have enough people around because it is easier to die there than in 0.0, and you only get as mush ISK as in high sec, with some few exceptions. I think that both low sec and 0.0 should have the same chances of generating the same level of ISK, but in different ways. This way you can make more players move away from high sec to a more “fun” life in low sec. Low sec shouldn’t be seen as step to 0.0, but as another kind of lawless space, where the rule of great organizations are weak, and the small corps/solo players can make a living.

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