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EVE has sound?

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Hey guys,

There is some kind of meme that appears when someone talks about sound in the EVE forums, and in less than 5 replies you’ll have the same old question: EVE has sound? I always play EVE with sounds turned on, even if sometimes my wife asks me to put the headphones (and then asks why I’m not answering her) or the cats run from some explosion. When I bought my first Rokh, I loved when I had the luck of having all the rails (before shoot grouping) shooting together for a big thump!

But some expansions ago I noticed that my ship’s guns were silent almost all the time. For example, yesterday I was running a couple of missions to generate some ISK. I had my sound turned ON, and flew a nightmare/tachyons in one mission and a machariel/AC’s in another. I was hearing the guns from the NPCs, and the sound of the missiles hitting my ship, but nothing of my guns. After some minutes and several dead NPCs, my guns started making sounds. I think that it detracts greatly from the experience when your guns can’t be heard. If some NPC is not making a sound you probably won’t even note it before he is dead, but your ship is normally in the center of the action.

What I think is happening is that the new sound engine EVE got in that expansion has some limitations in the number of sound sources that it supports. And for some reason our ship doesn’t have a high enough priority to be one of the first to have its sounds generated, and when the sound engine starts to break, we are left without sounds. What I think CCP should do is to make sure that at least the sounds coming from our ships are being generated, and then go after the reason why the other ships are losing their sounds.





  1. Saudações. Votei em ti. Pela simples razão de seres irmão brasileiro. Espero que outros tb alinhem.

    Comment by Therios3000 — 10/05/2010 @ 17:21

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