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A plan, I need a plan!

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Today, as I was flying around running some errands, I started to make some shameless advertising. As I flew in a new solar system, I would post in local:

Vote in me! Kata for CSM: https://apukaray.wordpress.com

In some of these systems I got questions, suggestions and even a vote! I’d like to thank Timathai, Nevia Adartes and bearPatch, the first 2 for their ideas and suggestions, and bearPatch for the vote he gave me.

Now, on to the plan. These are some ideas that I favor:

1 – Fix the UI issues that plague EVE for some time, like the absence of key bindings for some heavily used functions, and the need for AA in the engine.

2 – Creation of a more efficient tracking and elimination method for macro users.

3 – More space. More solar systems, with twists like the wormholes.

4 – A better PVE experience. Missions are a cash cow? Yes they are, but they’re boring cash cows. We need some more fun running PVE.

5 – Down with the blob. We need mechanics that make the smarter guy have a chance against the blob. Today we have a problem with fights: How to win? Bring more friends. Until you crash the node. That’s not fun. We need some way to make a good coordinated fleet having the upper hand against the horde.

6 – Increase the number of high risk, big rewards situations in game.

These are some ideas, if you have any more, please tell me!

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