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Why am I running for the CSM? – The experience part

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Another reason that make me think about running for the CSM was which kind of experience in EVE i have. I started playing eve in 2005, after reading in PC Gamer magazine about the Guiding Hand Heist. At the time i decided that I had to be on a game where this kind of thing could happen.

Soon after I finished the tutorials (which were really short at that time) I met Macath. He asked if I would like to join a new corporation, called Kindergarden Corp (KINDE), created with the express objective of helping new players. There I met Ms Kittly, who founded the corp and its CEO, and many other which would become my friends for a long time. There I learned a lot, was helped by my corpmates and helped them too. When I started to know more about the game, I even got to be CEO of KINDE, always helping new guys find their legs in EVE.

After some time I joined Asguard Security Service (ASEE), where Ms Kittly main was, and went on to live in 0.0 with them. There I learned a lot about the “other” side of EVE. Roaming gangs, fleet fights, 0.0 ratting. When the drone regions opened, there were we getting a space for us. Soon after rigs were introduced I became responsible for the production of rigs on ASEE, coordinating with everyone how we would get the materials and who would build them. After some time in 0.0 I came back to empire, and lived a little more as a carebear, missioning in Caldari Space.

There’s more, and I’ll be back later.



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