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My Hangar: The Machariel, Dakka Dakka Dakka

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With this post, I intend to start a series about the ships on my hangar, talking about what I think, how I use and what I fit on them. I’ll start with the Machariel, a battleship from the Angel Cartel.

MacharielI first moved to a 0.0 region, back in 2006, when I joined ASEE. They were living at the time in the great wildlands (IIRC), and while ratting there I came across my first Machariel, a NPC ship on the belts. At first I thought “That’s only a megathron”, but then I looked closely. It was a battleship like no other I had seen! At that moment I said to myself that I would have one. After searching a little, and my EVE-FU at the time being really low, I “discovered” that it was only a NPC ship. It would take me some months to learn that the Machariel could be bought, and I also learned I would never have the dough to buy one, not counting the lack of skills to fly it, as I was a missile Caldari user.

Fast forward 4 years. Now I can get enough ISK to buy a ship like this, I have the skills and the ship got a boost last patch (Dominion). So, there I go and buy a Machariel, a few days before Dominion patch launches. And I start to run some missions using it. And I start to love it. It is an awesome ship! I fly around all over the missions, everything melts under the fire of my cannons, and that beast of a ship is damn sexy! It is faster and more agile than my Astarte, and has 50% more DPS than my Kronos. What I find impressive about this ship is:

  1. It’s one of the better looking ships in the game.
  2. It’s as fast and agile as the better battlecruisers, and even some slow ass cruisers. I got mine to 620 m/s.
  3. It has DPS enough to finish any level 4 mission. With the change to projectiles, i can get more than 1000 DPS of selectable damage type.
  4. It is one of the biggest ships (under capitals, of course) in EVE.
  5. It has the sig radius of a big cruiser, so those damn missiles does less damage.
  6. The drone hangar size. With 100 m3, I carry a mix of hobgoblins T2 and hammerheads T2, but normally I forget to launch them before I kill everything.

What I don’t like about it is:

  1. Lack of 8th turret. In ships were you have guns grouped side by side, you should have an even number of guns, for aesthetics reasons. And I wouldn’t mind the extra DPS, of course.
  2. The ammo consumption. It eats ammo like it’s candy! And as I’m not a cheap bastard, I use RF ammo. I know that cuts on my ISK/hour, but I like to get the most DPS I can from my ships.
  3. The sound on the large ACs. I know it’s not the mach’s fault, but I think that they should sound like Gatling guns: dakka dakka dakka!

This is my current setup for angels missions. I can do angels extravaganza with it, including the bonus room.

[Machariel, Angels – AC]
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer x 3
Caldari Navy Power Diagnostic System
Mizuro’s Modified Tracking Enhancer
Domination Tracking Enhancer
Damage Control II

Core A-Type 100MN Afterburner
Pith B-Type Large Shield Booster
Pith B-Type Explosion Dampening Field
Dread Guristas Invulnerability Field
Caldari Navy Invulnerability Field

800mm Repeating Artillery II, Republic Fleet Fusion L x 7
True Sansha Heavy Nosferatu

Large Semiconductor Memory Cell I x 2
Large Projectile Metastasis Adjuster I

Hobgoblin II x5
Hammerhead II x5

My modus operandi with this ship is: Circle my target at 15 km, shooting and nosing it, and sending the hobgoblins against frigs. After the frigs are gone, I recall them and use the hammerheads against my current target. It is very important to never stop, always running around. I always keep the AB running, and with the combination of speed and small sig radius, you can mitigate a lot of the missile damage coming your way. And when I say a lot, I mean it.





Other ideas

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Other ideas I support are:

1 – Total revamp of the bounty hunter profession. A good start would be the selling or exchange of kill rights. The placement of a bounty on someone should mean more than giving him money to share with a friend.

2 – The support for dual screens. I /signed a thread about support for it in 2006! What we need is the actual interface in a monitor, and a non 3d accelerated screen on a second monitor, with chats, fleet window, items windows, etc. Nowadays a lot of people have 2 monitors, and it would help with the clutter that we have to live today with all of that different windows opened.

3 – The creation of a CCP taskforce specifically to fight lag. We should have a team doing nothing more than finding ways to reduce lag, implementing them when possible, or discussing them with the CSM when they involve change in the current mechanisms of EVE.

4 – A rethinking of the opportunities to be had in low sec. Today low sec doesn’t  have enough people around because it is easier to die there than in 0.0, and you only get as mush ISK as in high sec, with some few exceptions. I think that both low sec and 0.0 should have the same chances of generating the same level of ISK, but in different ways. This way you can make more players move away from high sec to a more “fun” life in low sec. Low sec shouldn’t be seen as step to 0.0, but as another kind of lawless space, where the rule of great organizations are weak, and the small corps/solo players can make a living.

See you all later,



EVE has sound?

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Hey guys,

There is some kind of meme that appears when someone talks about sound in the EVE forums, and in less than 5 replies you’ll have the same old question: EVE has sound? I always play EVE with sounds turned on, even if sometimes my wife asks me to put the headphones (and then asks why I’m not answering her) or the cats run from some explosion. When I bought my first Rokh, I loved when I had the luck of having all the rails (before shoot grouping) shooting together for a big thump!

But some expansions ago I noticed that my ship’s guns were silent almost all the time. For example, yesterday I was running a couple of missions to generate some ISK. I had my sound turned ON, and flew a nightmare/tachyons in one mission and a machariel/AC’s in another. I was hearing the guns from the NPCs, and the sound of the missiles hitting my ship, but nothing of my guns. After some minutes and several dead NPCs, my guns started making sounds. I think that it detracts greatly from the experience when your guns can’t be heard. If some NPC is not making a sound you probably won’t even note it before he is dead, but your ship is normally in the center of the action.

What I think is happening is that the new sound engine EVE got in that expansion has some limitations in the number of sound sources that it supports. And for some reason our ship doesn’t have a high enough priority to be one of the first to have its sounds generated, and when the sound engine starts to break, we are left without sounds. What I think CCP should do is to make sure that at least the sounds coming from our ships are being generated, and then go after the reason why the other ships are losing their sounds.




A plan, I need a plan!

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Today, as I was flying around running some errands, I started to make some shameless advertising. As I flew in a new solar system, I would post in local:

Vote in me! Kata for CSM: https://apukaray.wordpress.com

In some of these systems I got questions, suggestions and even a vote! I’d like to thank Timathai, Nevia Adartes and bearPatch, the first 2 for their ideas and suggestions, and bearPatch for the vote he gave me.

Now, on to the plan. These are some ideas that I favor:

1 – Fix the UI issues that plague EVE for some time, like the absence of key bindings for some heavily used functions, and the need for AA in the engine.

2 – Creation of a more efficient tracking and elimination method for macro users.

3 – More space. More solar systems, with twists like the wormholes.

4 – A better PVE experience. Missions are a cash cow? Yes they are, but they’re boring cash cows. We need some more fun running PVE.

5 – Down with the blob. We need mechanics that make the smarter guy have a chance against the blob. Today we have a problem with fights: How to win? Bring more friends. Until you crash the node. That’s not fun. We need some way to make a good coordinated fleet having the upper hand against the horde.

6 – Increase the number of high risk, big rewards situations in game.

These are some ideas, if you have any more, please tell me!

Best Regards,



Why am I running for the CSM? – The experience part

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Another reason that make me think about running for the CSM was which kind of experience in EVE i have. I started playing eve in 2005, after reading in PC Gamer magazine about the Guiding Hand Heist. At the time i decided that I had to be on a game where this kind of thing could happen.

Soon after I finished the tutorials (which were really short at that time) I met Macath. He asked if I would like to join a new corporation, called Kindergarden Corp (KINDE), created with the express objective of helping new players. There I met Ms Kittly, who founded the corp and its CEO, and many other which would become my friends for a long time. There I learned a lot, was helped by my corpmates and helped them too. When I started to know more about the game, I even got to be CEO of KINDE, always helping new guys find their legs in EVE.

After some time I joined Asguard Security Service (ASEE), where Ms Kittly main was, and went on to live in 0.0 with them. There I learned a lot about the “other” side of EVE. Roaming gangs, fleet fights, 0.0 ratting. When the drone regions opened, there were we getting a space for us. Soon after rigs were introduced I became responsible for the production of rigs on ASEE, coordinating with everyone how we would get the materials and who would build them. After some time in 0.0 I came back to empire, and lived a little more as a carebear, missioning in Caldari Space.

There’s more, and I’ll be back later.



Why am I running for the CSM? – The head part

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Hello guys!

Why did I decide to run for the CSM? That’s a good question, and I hope that I can answer it in this post and at the next posts.

I work with software development, where I have to think very logically (too much logic, my wife says sometimes). Some problems in EVE appear to me easy to be solved, when seen from the side of resources needed and decisions to be taken. An example would be the group shooting that we got some patchs ago. When I heard about it, it became clear how to decrease lag by grouping shots could be done without skewing the shoots distribution. Afterwards it became clear to me that CCP had implemented its group shooting solution in a way very close to how I thought it could be done. It doesn’t means that I can see every answer and know everything thats needs to be done, but I normally can give good ideas to help fix the problems that we have at hand.




Hello world!

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Hello everyone. This is my first post, and I would like to introduce myself, and say why I created a blog and what the hell I’m doing here.

My RL name is Leonidas, I’m a brazilian born in Rio de Janeiro who lives in São Paulo. I work with software development, and I have been playing EVE since december 2005. I always thought about creating a blog, EVE related or not, but I was always too lazy to do it. Now, with the acceptance of my candidacy to the CSM I said to myself: Move that fat ass! I’ll talk about my ideas for eve, my experiences playing it and what I think we should do to help that great game become better yet.

So here is my first post of (I hope) many to come.



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